I’ve started this course CS101. It talks about programming, and uses Python. So i decided it’s a good idea to learn Python among other CS stuff. Since my major was not computer science. One of lectures that drew my attention, is about Grammer of programming languages, and how to define the allowable structure of a […]

And finally, i’ve completed my app i’m writing, it’s a simple to-do list. Here it is.. Check! And here’s the github repository for it, in case you wanted to add more improvement or watch any change i make to it. It has most of the features i’ve planned to implement right now. I’ll add further improvements later, […]

It’s been a while since i’ve posted anything, and that’s because i was working on my project. The last design i’ve shown you in the previous post Here didn’t really looked nice. so i decided to start over trying to make it as elegant and clean as i can, with my little CSS experience. So […]

I’ve finished designing the todo list, it took me couple of hours since i’m not that good with CSS, but still better than before i guess. Here’s where i got so far : Of course a lot of what you’re seeing is going to change as i propagate more in this project. For example i’m […]

I’ve finished reading Chapter 10 in JavaScript and jQuery: The Missing Manual, really interesting stuff. It explained how to make tabbed pages, Tooltips and sliders. It turned out to be somehow easy to make as i thought it need some kind of an expert developer or something. Now i’m going to rebuild my simple Todo […]

Right now, i’m learning JavaScript and jQuery. Finding resources is quite easy, there’re a lot of it on the web. But i’ve picked what suits me as a beginner so i have two books : Professional JavaScript for Web Developers JavaScript and jQuery: The Missing Manual The last one is truly an amazing book, since i’ve […]

Hi, This is my first post on this new blog, i’m 22 years old guy, living in Egypt. According to The Learning Pyramid, by the National Training Laboratories, Bethel, Maine. If you want to retain 90% of what you learn you have to teach what you’ve learned to others, if you want to retain 70% […]