My learning resources

Right now, i’m learning JavaScript and jQuery. Finding resources is quite easy, there’re a lot of it on the web.

But i’ve picked what suits me as a beginner so i have two books :

The last one is truly an amazing book, since i’ve learnt a lot of JavaScript from the first book plus videos, learning jQuery from The Missing Manual is such an enjoyable journey full of tutorials and tips & tricks. I’m at Chapter 10: Expanding Your Interface, which talks about several topics, tabbed panels, content sliders, tooltips and determining the dimensions of a page element.

Also i’ve watched jQuery Essential Training and going to have a look at Net Tuts which is a great site for web development, i highly recommend it.

All the above is kind of useless if i didn’t try to implement what i learn by hand and make mistakes, and here’s where Stack Overflow really comes into play really big time.

Stack Overflow is essentially a web site full of expert developers who are willing to help you and give you advices about your code and mistakes. This site helped me a lot and i hope that it helps you too.

So that’s it, i’ll write what interest me in chapter 10 from The Missing Manual soon.


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