What i’m doing now

Hi, This is my first post on this new blog, i’m 22 years old guy, living in Egypt.

According to The Learning Pyramid, by the National Training Laboratories, Bethel, Maine. If you want to retain 90% of what you learn you have to teach what you’ve learned to others, if you want to retain 70% you have to get your hands dirty implementing what you’re learning. So, i’m making this blog.

The Learning Pyramide

Computer science, for some reason or another, is not my major, but i don’t really care. All what i’m gonna do in my life now after my graduation, is to learn programming, back-end web development to be specific.

I’ve learnt HTML and CSS so far, and right now i’m learning JavaScript and jQuery. After that, my main task, learning a server-side programming language. Right now i’m going back and forth between PHP and Python. I think i would made my choice by the time i finish what i’m planing for JS and jQuery.

So from now on, i’ll be writing my thought about whatever draw my attention during my learning process in JavaScript and jQuery.


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