My project is completely revamped. Meet “Check!”

It’s been a while since i’ve posted anything, and that’s because i was working on my project. The last design i’ve shown you in the previous post Here didn’t really looked nice.

so i decided to start over trying to make it as elegant and clean as i can, with my little CSS experience.

So here’s a screenshot of how it’d look like if it has many main tasks and sub tasks:

The red boxes that you see indicates the priority of the task, it will be in colors red for urgent, black for normal and blue for low priority.

There’re check button to the right, and that arrow next to it, will pop up a drop down menu for each task and sub task, that provides delete, rename and divide capabilities.

I’ve started in the  JavaScript of it, finished the main task addition mechanism and animations, also finished categorizing mechanism.

I’ve used several jQuery UI plugins, slider, auto complete (for usability) and highlight (for animation). It’s really easy to add and them them thanks to the documentation  in jQuery site.

Github repo


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