Finished reading Chapter 10, and starting a new project, kinda..

I’ve finished reading Chapter 10 in JavaScript and jQuery: The Missing Manual, really interesting stuff. It explained how to make tabbed pages, Tooltips and sliders. It turned out to be somehow easy to make as i thought it need some kind of an expert developer or something.

Now i’m going to rebuild my simple Todo list application using jQuery.

And also here’s its git repository, in case you wanted to take a look at the old code, maybe give some suggestions for the future jQuery code.

I’m going to redesign the interface of course, adding some effects using jQuery, and re-writing all the code.

It’s a long task so wish me luck.


My learning resources

Right now, i’m learning JavaScript and jQuery. Finding resources is quite easy, there’re a lot of it on the web.

But i’ve picked what suits me as a beginner so i have two books :

The last one is truly an amazing book, since i’ve learnt a lot of JavaScript from the first book plus videos, learning jQuery from The Missing Manual is such an enjoyable journey full of tutorials and tips & tricks. I’m at Chapter 10: Expanding Your Interface, which talks about several topics, tabbed panels, content sliders, tooltips and determining the dimensions of a page element.

Also i’ve watched jQuery Essential Training and going to have a look at Net Tuts which is a great site for web development, i highly recommend it.

All the above is kind of useless if i didn’t try to implement what i learn by hand and make mistakes, and here’s where Stack Overflow really comes into play really big time.

Stack Overflow is essentially a web site full of expert developers who are willing to help you and give you advices about your code and mistakes. This site helped me a lot and i hope that it helps you too.

So that’s it, i’ll write what interest me in chapter 10 from The Missing Manual soon.

What i’m doing now

Hi, This is my first post on this new blog, i’m 22 years old guy, living in Egypt.

According to The Learning Pyramid, by the National Training Laboratories, Bethel, Maine. If you want to retain 90% of what you learn you have to teach what you’ve learned to others, if you want to retain 70% you have to get your hands dirty implementing what you’re learning. So, i’m making this blog.

The Learning Pyramide

Computer science, for some reason or another, is not my major, but i don’t really care. All what i’m gonna do in my life now after my graduation, is to learn programming, back-end web development to be specific.

I’ve learnt HTML and CSS so far, and right now i’m learning JavaScript and jQuery. After that, my main task, learning a server-side programming language. Right now i’m going back and forth between PHP and Python. I think i would made my choice by the time i finish what i’m planing for JS and jQuery.

So from now on, i’ll be writing my thought about whatever draw my attention during my learning process in JavaScript and jQuery.